Australian Hotel Quarantine Made Me A Better Person And Here’s Why

5 insights I gained during this unique experience



In March of 2020, Australia was one of the first countries in the world to implement mandatory Hotel Quarantine, for all citizens returning home.

From mini outbreaks shutting down state borders to escapees heading straight for the bottle shops, the $3k programme has had its fair share of criticism. No fresh air, crappy food, dirty bathrooms and the list goes on and on.

After personally having spent 14 days in Sydney Hotel Quarantine, I decided to focus on the positives and everything this experience had taught me.

Whilst completing Malcolm Gladwell’s writing MasterClass, his quote struck a chord.

‘It’s easy to rip something apart. It’s much harder to communicate why a piece of art is successful’

Although I’m not comparing quarantine to ‘Art’ I can say his quote runs true with most things in life. People find it a lot easier to complain, condemn and find fault with nearly every aspect of life, rather than focus on what’s working well.

Here’s what the experience taught me.

Embrace This Once In A Lifetime Opportunity

When in the history of your life are you ever going to have the chance to be locked up for two whole weeks with no distractions from the outside world?

People die for this opportunity and if you find yourself in it, please don’t waste it.

Ever wished you could start writing a book, learn a new skill or even just have time to sit down and get your finances in order?

That was me back in London. I had all of these grand ideas about the things I wanted to start, but my day job would get in the way or procrastination would get the better of me.

Most of my time was spent trying to decide what to eat for dinner or just lazing around the house avoiding doing the things that needed to be done.

During Hotel Quarantine there are no meals to prepare, no kitchen to clean and if your boss doesn’t permit it, then…




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